I am a PhD candidate and teaching assistant in the Faculty of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, where I teach logic and set theory, computation theory, epistemology, philosophy of space & time and philosophy of science.

I received a MA in Philosophy and a MA in Swedish Philology from Jagiellonian University in 2014. Currently I am working on my Master’s thesis in theoretical computer science on the formal properties of arithmetics in finite models at the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science.

My research interests focus on the philosophy of natural sciences, structural frameworks, mathematical logic and theories of complexity and computation. Since 2014 I also serve as a regular member of Polish Artificial Intelligence Society and European Philosophy of Science Association. I have taken part in numerous research grants and recently participated in a project concerning argumentation graphs for Artificial Crowd Intelligence. My newest project entitled Comparative analysis of structural representation methods. Case study: Ontic Structural Realism received funding from the National Science Centre for years 2018-2021.

My CV is available in Polish and in English.